Who we are

Miranda & Associates is a family owned Tax Preparation Accounting Firm licensed and registered in South San Francisco, CA. Miranda & Associates provides services such as Federal income tax services, State income tax return preparation services, Tax Planning and Bookkeeping for both individuals and small businesses.

By operating a full service tax preparation accounting firm, we seek to alleviate from our clients the stresses of yearly obligations on Federal and State levels. We seek to educate our community with helpful insights and professionalism in the complex world of taxation.

Why We Do It

Our clients come from numerous occupations and industries from the traditional attorneys, dentists, home builders, realtors, sales agents, massage therapists, welders & mechanics, trucking companies,  to the models/actors, social media personalities, content creators and more! Miranda & Associates believes there is opportunity to give every customers what they need and desire. 

We have the sole intention of working with entrepreneurial individuals as well as small/medium enterprises interested in outsourcing their tax consulting needs.

The following includes our business offerings.

  •        Personal and Business Income tax return preparation
  •        Personal and Business Tax planning and compilation
  •        Bookkeeping and Payroll
  •        Notary Services
  •        Tax-related financial services
  •        Consultations

Feel free to contact us about your specific needs and how we can fit in. We cant wait to work with you, give us a call NOW!