We competitively offer a simple fee range of $200-$450 for most personal tax returns.

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1040 Simple: W-2 Income Only, no dependents. Federal & (1) State $200*
1040 w/ Dependents: W-2 Income, Interest/Dividend Income. Childcare expenses. Education expenses. Earned Income Credit. Federal & (1) State $250*
1040 w/ Additional Income & Itemized Deductions: Income from Wages, Interest/Dividend, Unemployment, Pension, Social Security. Itemized Deductions, Childcare expenses, Education expenses.Federal & (1) State $300*
1040 w/ Stock Sales and/or Rental Properties: Assume example 3.  Includes Mortgage, Stock Sales less than 10 Transactions. $350*
1040 w/ Small Business ( Schedule C): Assume example 3. Includes (1) Small Business. Pricing will vary according to complexity of the return, proper recordkeeping & bookkeeping assistance required. $300-$1200*

**Additional Fees: Significant changes in initial tax assessment may increase fees. Discounts may apply to students/Retirees/Referral

$100                       per additional rental property

$75                          ITIN renewal/ Application

$25                         Tax Return Copy

$50-$150            Tax Return Estimate

$25                         IRS letter/ response/ call

$55                         per Additional State